"All purpose Custom Designing & Printing"

As you may know, March was set to be the last Friday Night D-Light Art & Music Show in our establishment due to new neighbors noise complaints about our events.  I thought we were only going to have to find a new venue for Friday Night D-Light once a month, and still continue to run our design and printing business of D-Ferg Ink Productions where it all began.  Well after that last successful Friday Night D-Light, we received an eviction letter after 8 years of business here!  Though I was initially discouraged of the news, God quickly helped me realize that my business and I have simply outgrown this space after 8 wonderful years!  I am excited and currently on the grind to find a bigger and better venue, and platform to continue my services dedicated to the creative community.  I am open to all suggestions about the new venue location, as we have until April 30, 2019 to make the transition successfully.

With all that being said, I have nothing stopping me from throwing one last huge going away party event, and fundraiser before it's finally over!  What are they going to do, evict us???  Friday April 26th will be our last Friday Night D-Light, and called "The Last Episode."  We will celebrate the many years of great memories, and the new beginnings of the next chapter moving forward!  We look to pack the house like never before on this evening, and leave our last final mark on this building before we say goodbye for good!  If Friday Night D-Light or D-Ferg Ink Productions ever made an impact on you, or you were always curious and never had the opportunity to check us out, please join us in celebrating this last episode as we know it!

This final episode will be star studded with our favorite awesome Chicago DJs, DJ Two14 and DJ J.P. Gunnz, surprise performances by Friday Night D-Light's best performers, and top notch entertainment all evening!  There will also be plenty of food, drinks, and treats provided by Akilah's Incredible Edibles & Exotic Sangria!  BYOB is also welcome!  There will be no set cover, but donations of any amount will be accepted and appreciated, as all proceeds will go to the purchase and transition of a bigger and better venue for  D-Ferg Ink's Creative Gallery & Event Space by May 2019!  Donations are being accepted now and through our transition in May by clicking donations below, and at www.gofundme.com/the-last-episode-friday-night-dlight!  Thank you for all your love and support in this awesome 8 years of business!  We look forward to providing you bigger and better service for years to come!

David E. Ferguson